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Welcome to MiyuStory.com, we are pleased to announce that due to high demand, our website is back to its "Classic" format but with a new look. We have also re-designed the website to be mobile ready and compatible for devices with screen widths of up to 680px. You can still access Our Cloud Services by clicking on the "Cloud Storage" tab in our re-designed navigation menu. Now you can connect with us on Facebook and Twitter by visiting our Contact page.

What is MiyuStory.com?

About MiyuStory.com

MiyuStory.com is a multi-purpose website designed to be Informational and Entertaining.

History of MiyuStory.com

Founded and Created in March of 2011, MiyuStory.com is a website that was designed to bring the Story" Miyu: A Tale of Two Tribes" to the world. Then we added other stories such as "The Egyptian Princess" and "The Oddest Vampires". Then later on we added Anime, which has since been discontiunued, as well as an Anime Music Download page, also discontinued, then we introduced Game Guides and Walkthroughs, created by this site's author and owner, Kambel Serle, followed by our Truly Unlimited and 100% FREE Cloud Storage Services.