My Testimony on Coming to the Faith by Kambel Serle

I was raised in a broken home with no talk of God nor Christ nor Religion, except for in school. I attended Catholic schools in the French School Board for 14 to 15 years. During my childhood, I was known for being a troublemaker. At the age of 12, I started to Lie, Cheat and Steal. Now having grown up where my father lived with his other family and didn't even want anything to do with us, I would do these things to gain attention. This worked for some time. I should also mention that during my childhood, and well into my early 20's, I struggled with Gender Identity issues, I still do, but since I have found Christ, not so much though, But I still know that because I'm Saved, I have Hope and I believe that the Lord will guide me to live with my physical gender and has helped me accept myself as I am, the way he created me, and not whom I wanted to be. At the age of 13, I started going to a nearby church. My parents sought this as a way for me to get out of the house and make new friends. So I did as I was told and attended church to please my mom and my new step-father. At the age of 15, I started being disobedient to everyone around me, Friends and family included. All while this was happening I was still attending Catholic Schools and going to Baptist Churches, I say Churches because I moved around a lot. As you could imagine, going to a baptist church and attending a catholic school at the same time, it became a little confusing, what with the difference in beliefs. So at the age of 20, we moved to Leamington from La Salle, and I introduced myself to the congregation at the local baptist church. After having done that, I found myself drifting away from the church until I stopped going all together. So for 18 months I had not set foot in the church at all. It wasn't until mid to end of 2013, when my family moved back to Windsor, that I started to re-attend a church. Knowing only about my childhood church, I decided that I would return back to Campbell Baptist Church. Now keep in mind that the last church I actually attended was Harrow Baptist Church, I thought I would fit in nicely. So for the next year and a half, I regularly attended Campbell Baptist Church. I did so knowing that I didn't feel at home. It wasn't until I had attended a summer Bible Study at what is now known as Veritas Bible Study, that I didn't really think that much about Christ as a Savior. So we went through the book of Galatians. It wasn't until I was asked to read aloud chapter 3, when my life started to change. So there I was reading from the Book of Galatians chapter 3, when I read Verse 11. Now this happens to be the verse that turned my life around, and to this day, is the verse that I will always use, alongside with John 3:16, to convince others to get to know Christ as a Savior. Galatians 3:11 had now hit me hard, and it goes on to say: "Clearly no one is Justified before God by the Law, because the Righteous will live by Faith." now this passage was my turning point towards my faith in Christ, but not the full turning point. But now I was Intrigued and wanted to know more about Christ. It wasn't until September 2015 when I first attended a Service at Ambassador Baptist Church that I felt an enormous sense of Welcoming and a sense of belonging at any church that I ever attended. So I started attending ABC every Sunday. Going back to that Bible study in the Book of Galatians, it was at that point that I discovered that I was a Rebel against God and that I needed Christ in my life, but I still failed to accept Him in. It wasn't until mid December 2015 that I had found an oil painting on canvas of Christ. I brought it home and hung it over my bed. That same night, I heard a loud Trumpet-like voice that called to me and it said "DON'T JUST HANG ME UP, BELIEVE IN ME". I then awoke, and I heard that same voice repeat the same message to me again. Now this what secured my decision to follow Christ. At this point I had put my life into the hands of Christ, and accepted him as my Savior. I should mention that since I went to Catholic Schools, I did not put my faith in the painting of Christ but instead in Christ himself. I have noticed that I have been forever changed since I have come to Accept Christ in my Life and now recognize that I have been Saved and Pardoned of my Sins.

Last updated JUNE 9, 2016